Monica said...

You know, it is interesting to see my own reactions from an aesthetic point of view to these different models. I find I have a strong preference for the taller models like this one. They look "right" to me, even though your drawings of shorter models, like the previous one, may be accurate too.

I can see why magazines and clothing manufacturers are always choosing what are in fact unusually tall models! Somehow they look different in an image than in real life.

Metanoia said...

Mark compared this to the photo and said I was getting a lot better at being true to the photo but there are still a few things off. I decided to stop, rather than erase though as it is more about acknowledging the mistakes and moving forward than making perfect renderings.

Interestingly Loomis talks about artists using unrealistic height proportions - and that was in a book published in the 40s! People are normally 7.5 heads tall. He gives other proportions though:
Ideal - 8 heads (what I've been trying to use)
Fashion - 8.5 heads
Heroic! - 8.5 heads

Legs are usually half the space and the rest of the body above. The biggest thing I've learnt about legs is that Loomis is showing the knees ending at upper edge of the middle of the legs when I was doing my knees central making the lower leg look too short.

Monica said...

That's interesting, Metanoia, thank you!

It may also be that people are getting taller since the 40s. It is very common in Canada that children born here are taller, sometimes much taller, than their old world parents. Different diet, I think.